Monday, November 19, 2012

Aye mum :)
I love you all so much and miss you all so much. Thanksgiving is going to be so different without me.... It's gonna ROCK!!! :P Wait did thanksgiving already happen? I have no idea... I'm just SUCH a good missionary and SO lost in the work haha (I still cry every night cuz i miss you all)... Anyway, so first things first i'm going to paste the letter i sent to President Reeves this week, it has a story from this week that is really special to me.
Presidente Reeves,
This week has been up and down. We have such good experiences with our investigators and our less active members and I feel so certain they are going to keep their commitments and come to church, and then they don't. I love all of the spiritual experiences I am having, they really make all the hard times worth it. The thing is that I feel like I'm not doing something right. Elder Ramirez and I are trying our best and working so hard, I give it my all every day I feel like, and we keep each other motivated and from being discouraged, but sometimes I feel like I'm holding Elder Ramirez back. I look up to him so much and I know he has so much knowledge and experience and he truly is teaching me so much too. I'm really thankful to have him as my trainer and for his patience. One thing that I wanted to share about this week is that we visited a less active family and the mother was very sick. It was a prompting to Elder Ramirez that we should. We had stopped by the day before but we didnt see her (we didnt know she was sick). She told us the day before that she had been praying for help from Heavenly Father. Whne she was telling us this I had the realization that we were the answer to this Sister's prayer. I don't think that has ever happen to me, with me knowing about it anyway. It really felt so special and amazing to be in the moment where Heavenly Father is using me as an instrument, the thing I pray for every single day. I love the people, I love the mission leaders, I love the work President, thank you for everything you do.
Elder Branden Astle

So that part of the week was really good. Thank you for your letter mom, your Spanish was great :) I can play DVDs but i dont think we can play any dvds that aren't from the church sorry. But we can listen to CDs!! Oh real quick my Christmas list: first off a lot of stuff here is way cheaper than there so if it's ok i would like to just be able to take out some extra money to buy some things here (like an electric razor, honestly shaving takes so much time and those electric ones with the three circles and stuff are super fast i tested one out in the mtc) also i had some other ideas for things to buy here, also could you send me some music like some cd's or something (one in particular is the golden cd that came with Zelda Skyward Sword it's the Zelda soundtrack or something PLEASE send that! I can listen to soundtracks and music that invites the Spirit), you could google "presents for missionaries" or something i dunno. AYE short on time!
It's list time:
-So everyone here loves FLAN! Flan is the most popular dessert. I even saw Jello brand flan mix at the store today haha. At first it got me real sick but now im used to it and its actually pretty good.
-We are visiting a lot of less active members lately, one of our less active member families that we havent been able to contact yet is la familia Mesamundo. I love it because it basically translates into table world, so every time we put their name in our planner i shout TABLE WORRRRRLD!!!
-Could you send me those dates i asked for mom? and also i need some stories about our ancestors please? i dont really have any :(
-The other day we taught la familia PiƱan. (pinan with an n-ye) this family is SOOO quiet i loved it. The food was super good that the hermana made for us but the entire time it was so quiet haha I dont really feel awkward in those times so i had fun. It wasnt fun when i showed a magic trick to the daughters who obviously liked the trick but they had no sound in their reaction at all. 

Well interviews with the Mission President are tomorrow wish me luck! I love you all so much. Sorry im out of time! time to go write a hand written letter :)
I love you all... always and foreverrrr (Napoleon Dynamite)
Elder Branden Carl Astle

Elder Astle's new home away from home.
They have these kinds of hedges all trimmed up in different shapes all over the place, the other day I saw one that was a penguin!

Shoe on the right, the beginning of the day, shoe on the left, end of the day!

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