Monday, November 26, 2012

November 26, 2012

Hi mum,
Well I miss you and love you all so much like always, also I'm sorry because I'm short on time again ayayay. That's my favorite Spanish phrase haha. Well This week was tough but again the Spiritual blessings keep flowing. I love my mission so much and everything about it and I'm so grateful to everyone who helped me to get here. All my good examples and all the support from family, friends, and the ward. So I'm done with my first exchange today! Crazy right?!?! One more and I might be getting a new companion or a new area even! Wow. I can't believe it's already going so fast. Well it's time to get listy:
1. First off I have plenty of money right now don't worry mom but thank you so much. I'll be sure to wait until closer to Christmas time to buy myself a present... I'll try anyway.
2. Something hilarious: Elder Lopez from the picture is from Columbia and his companion is Elder Olson who is helping him learn English, his english is really pretty good. The other day he taught him something so funny: Elder Olson told me to ask Elder Lopez how is english is. Me: "how's your english?" Elder Lopez: "kind of" hahahahaha I was dying laughing.
3. So i tried ceviche this week.... look it up... it was interesting... I covered it in ketchup haha
4. There's these clowns that perform infront of the lines of cars at the stop lights whern the lgiht is red and sometimes they are pretty good. but it's weird seeing the clowns smoking on the side of the rode.
5. Sometime bad, sometimes i forget to put on sunblock before i leave. Luckily i havent gotten sunburned yet!
6. The saints for October 5 are Flor and Tulia, I have 2!!! super rare :P
7. President Reeves says hello, our interview was really good!
8. For aaron: Look up the Chrysler AMV 10 NICE!

Answers to your questions
1. no package yet :(
2. We can barely see the volcano off in the distance
3. The weather here is still really warm during the day and cold at night
4. Elder Ramirez is really patient and helps me a lot but sometimes thinks im really weird haha he's right
5. My Spanish is good but i dont want to talk about that i dont want to start thinking its good and then get prideful and then fall like the great and spacious building!

I gotta go I'm so out of time. I love you all so much, I miss you, I'll talk to you in a bit!
Elder Branden Carl Astle

 La familia Villegas, an AWESOME family in our ward.
 Also I bought Chicharon to give them, that was the half size!
 This one's for you dad

                                                               A scary hallway!

             A family in the ward are paper makers and they gave us all they awesome paper things!

                                                             (The three amigos?)
This is a picture of a recent convert in our ward his name is Jose Luis and he is in the middle if you didnt guess that Im on the right haha but we saw some luchador masks the other day in the street and I wanted to buy one but they are super expensive so Im not going to, but we told him and he pulled out the three he has and we put them on for the picture.

             Left to right, Elder Lopez, Elder Olson (from so cal, today is his very last day in the mission,
               he was an assistant and was there when they picked us up from the airport in Puebla),
               Elder Westsideguy, Elder Ramirez

                                           That's a river! In fact its a river of sewage


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