Monday, December 10, 2012

Aye mum,
I love you and miss you so much. I love and miss everyone so much to be honest, but I love it here so much too. So this week was a little bland with the most amazing cream filling. I think about food a lot. We had a bunch of trials and work. Mom, I found her, I found you. Last week we were walking around this area and I had the impression to talk to this mom and her daughter, I kind of questioned it like "should I?" and it came again and i thought "am i sure?" finally the third time it came and I was sure. We had a good little talk about our message and planned to meet them a week later. This week we taught them. Luz Maria is a single mom and has her daughter Luz Selena who is 11. The two of them are really close and help each other all the time. They had a discussion before we contacted them about how they want to do what's right and have the truth in their lives. They decided to pray to have Heavenly Father put the truth in their path. The Tuesday that we contacted them they had the impression to go visit a church so they went. The church was closed and they were a little confused but on the way back to their house we contacted them. Luz Maria said that after they talked to us and we had left them they felt a strong feeling of what they now know is the Spirit. During the lesson we taught about the Restoration they felt that everything was just right and Luz Maria was crying by the end. I shared with them your experience with the missionaries and that really had her and I both crying a lot. They even attended church on sunday and stayed for all three hours!! We have really high hopes for them and are going to work hard with them. The problem is that i think a member of another Church... Jehovas Witness is following us around and talking to everyone we talk to because whenever we come and talk to people for a second time they have always, every time, had a Jehovah's Witness come and talk to them and share their views and why we are wrong. It's pretty tough. Well I'm about out of time. Sorry no information about Skype yet, but I think we do have a family who will let us use their computer so that's progress. How's your setting up of skype going? I love you all. A little list this week;
- For Aaron and Brian - There are posters everywhere here... Skrillex is playing an end of the world show on the 21 of Dec here in Puebla, nuts right?
- I found out i'm a water elemental, because i cry and cry and cry all the time hahaha ask aaron
-I did the calculation and it turns out that 1 second on Kolob is 4.12 days on Earth, fun!
- Tell aaron that the book of mormon has a cool part-prophecy in it. Aaron is the missionary aaron in the book of mormon and he is going to go somewhere with a king and convert the king.
- I ate brains!!!!!!!!!!!! it was actually really good, i dont know if it will be everytime though haha

I loved hearing everything about home and everything so much thank you so much I love you all so much. See you in a bit,
Elder Branden Carl Astle

                              Elder Astle being chased by a very ferocious looking beast!
                                          It might lick him to death if it catches him!

                         Elder Prosper, Ping Pong Champion of Uruguay, and snake..

Elder Astle

                                                                  Service is good!

                                I don't know how Elder Ramirez keeps his cool!?

                                Oh no, I think Elder Astle is rubbing off on Elder Ramirez!

                                                        Elder Astle is such a little angel!

Their Chapel.

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