Monday, December 17, 2012

Aye mum,
I love you so much mom, I miss you so much, and every else too. I really really really really love you all and miss you all, but also I love it hear, ok i'm not going to fix that "hear" to show that my english is going already haha. And also, ok I saw a woman the other day and I, well i dont know how to say it in english, but i said hi to her, but it's different than that, but there's no word in english, ANYWAY the street was completely empty in every direction we looked except this little old woman who looked 150, I'm just glad it wasn't night time O.o but she was super cute and only 3 and half feet tall haha. It was just funny because i said hi to her "Then everything got intense!" I love that reference. So this week was rough for missionary work, but I'll get to that last so you have to read all my babbling to get to the good stuff haha. I will now get listy, thank you. So the other day I read the scripture, I will make you fishers of men... I miss dad, I miss fishing so much, I want to go fishing so bad, with everyone though and everyone individually too and just be happy. Ok so tell brian and aaron to read Matthew 4:19 and then the footnote that is connected to it, i don't remember what it says right now but i know it's awesome, i hope. So we had the 12 of december here the other day, it's the day of the virgin of Guadalupe, ask me about that on skype! Also please write some questions or something for us to talk about on skype because I'm afraid im going to be boring. Also please figure out your skype and everything and test it too mom, i dont want it not to work :( I learned the other day that the state of Puebla is the most Catholic state in Mexico, also the city of puebla in the state of puebla is the most catholic part of puebla... that's where I am now hahaha. Oh also ask me about what happened on the bus on the way back from the Christmas party we had at the Mission home k? The Christmas party was a lot of fun, we played games, did pinatas, sang christmas songs, took pictures, ate a bunch, and also i arranged a special musical number with a few other elders, I have it on video so in two years you can see it :P basically it's... i dont know the name in english but its Cantan Santos Angeles and I beatboxed almost the whole thing. Could you ask brian if he knows who Arkam is? he's a SUPER good graffiti artist and some of his work is here in puebla and it's super sweet haha. Sometimes the people here dont make sense, the other day these two guys cheered their beers and said "to health!"
Ok fun missionary stuff... this week was really rough to be honest, we were going to have Jose Luis baptized on thursday but he missed church on sunday so we wont be able to do that and we are going to tell him we need to change his date. Honestly that hurts me so much, I'm pretty scared and sad that he might be hurt and sad, I just want him to be happy. The good news is that a new investigator came to church and he really liked it and our friendship with him is really growing. His name is Armando, for a while he didnt want us to teach him because he thought if he let us in that we were going to rob him haha but its al good now and he loves reading so we think he will be good on his reading of the book of mormon. Almost out of time! Last thing: A while back we gave a blessing to a young man who is the nephew of a less active sister in our ward. He kept losing weight and no one knew why. His weight was getting very very dangerously low. We saw him this week. He is still a little thin but he is back into the healthy weight zone. No one knows why it changed, we know though. I'm so thankful for the priesthood that i hold and the ability to bless the lives of others, I'm also thankful for all the worthy priesthood holders around me in my life. I know the church is true and i love you all so much. Please, please, please be member missionaries and share your testimonies, if not anything else you will be spiritually fortified yourselves. I love you, i want the best for you, i want you to be happy, you all deserve it, Heavenly Father wants you to be happy too, I know that without a doubt. I'll talk to you soon.
Love forever and eternity,
Elder Branden Carl Astle
                                                     Elder Ramirez and Elder Astle

                               The following pix are of the Elder's Christmas Party

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