Saturday, January 5, 2013

This Should Have Been Posted December 24th

Aye mum,
I love you so all so dang much and miss you too. It's Christmas time and well this is my first one away from everyone and it's way way way way harder than I thought it would be. Dang it... I need to not think about that because I'm starting to cry again. Well not a ton of time this week again, but dont worry because I will being SEEING you tomorrow and we can talk more then :D I'm going to type out my list after these brief messages. So Jose Luis missed church the Sunday before last so we had to move his baptismal date, but he came yesterday!!! Oh I was so happy to see him and I also gave a talk on missionary work. I was pretty nervous but I feel that I did pretty well actually :) As far as the work goes this week, it was pretty tough to find anyone to teach. When we did find people though, we took advantage of it and taught with everything we had and ended up teaching really good lessons. We have an inactive man we are going to trying to start teaching every day. His name is Hermano Gonzalo and we are going to go by every day because he is always drunk. We have tried to teach him before but it just doesnt work because he's so drunk. What we are going to try to do is spend an hour every day with him reading the scriptures, it's the only idea we have. It's sad because every time we see him he always asks us to help him and save him. We are not losing faith though and we are going to keep trying with him. Ok list:
-Last Monday after the computers and after I had eaten 3 kilos I challenged a young inactive man and his friend to futbol (I call it fut now, it's soccer mom :P), Elder Ramirez didnt feel good so he stayed back and played goalee. I won.
-So I have been thinking about Dad a lot a lot because he's is one of the best examples I could ever have in the world and I want to be so much like him. I realized wow I am really really lucky to have my dad and also im lucky that my dad is one of my best friends.
- There is an elder Sperry here in the mission from the USA and he is SOOOOOOO much like Austin Staker, SOOO much like him haha.
- Thank you for the 2 packages and the letter from home and the 2 letters from Nicole they made me feel so loved and happy and just made my whole week. Elder Ramirez almost had a heart attack when he saw how much peanut butter we have now hahaha.
- I gave a blessing.... In Spanish.... It was awesome. Giving a blessing is an experience unlike anything else. We visited a care home and met an older woman named Esparanza (hope) and she asked me to give the blessing. To be honest it was a huge blessing for me to be able to do that.
- One of our families we teach, la familia Tlatoa, is amazing they live in super humble conditions and the mom makes scarves to sell and she gave me 2 for free! and this treat called Bolboron, super tasty. its like pecan sandy but better
- I started liking lemon juice on everything haha elder Ramirez says it's a sign that im slowly becoming a mexican hahaha i'm not dont worry, but lemon sure does taste good.
- Hey dad, what do you think about a career in Finacial Advising (is that a word?) Like you do now, only is there a way where i can go straight to doing that? haha
- I met a family in a store today from Utah and they spoke spanish but they were super white haha it was kind of strange speaking english to someone like that.

Ok i love you all so much i gotta run, I miss you im so excited to see you all tomorrow!!!
With love,
Elder Branden Carl Astle
Sorry Everyone, This website is not letting me upload pix right now, I will try again later! - Danita

                                          Elder Buendia and two native dancers and Elder Astle

                                                            Christmas Presents!

                                                             Elders can dream!

                                                         Another Elder Astle doodle!

                                                              Merry Christmas!!

                                    Elder Astle says, "I don't know why I like dark alleys?!

                                   The Christmas Tree....those wrapped presents are...socks!

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