Monday, January 21, 2013

January 21, 2013

Aye Mumm,
I love you, I hope you know. I love everyone so much and miss everyone so much too. This week I have recieved a lot of comfort that although this time is tough being away from you all and everything it's ok because I will be able to be with you all forever anyway. So you better be righteous or I'll come hug you into repentance, you dont want that do ya? Didnt think so. This week was really good, we taught and taught and contacted references and taught and it was just great and the week flew by as we did so much work. I love doing work!!! So something rough is that we have been trying to get in contact with LuzMaria but honestly we feel she isnt interested anymore, we feel like something happened and she now doesnt want to continue being taught. It's sad but we wont give up until she actually tells us not to come back haha. Also we found 7 new investigators this week which is so great. Our prayers are being answered. Jose Luis is looking good for his baptism this Saturday the 26th. We might change it though, it depends on how this week goes. Well almost out of time, I'll go ahead and list it off now.
- My companion is hilarious. I tried to tell him about an experience I had but I couldnt quite describe it right and he says "Being vague is almost as fun as this other thing" hahaha I still laugh every time.
- The other day we had an amazing lunch... La Hermana Manzano made us porkchops with apple sauce!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didnt even request it!!! I was in heaven. Also we had home made mashed potatoes almost as good as from home, but not quite.
- I ate cactus, it was kind of weird.
- SOoooooo I went to the Dentist the other day. We get there and we are looking at this garage wondering if we had the wrong address. Nope it was the right address. I went to the dentist in a garage. The doc was pretty smart though no worries there. The only thing is... well I thought i had a cavity between two teeth because every time I flossed there was some pain in that spot and there was a spot on the side of my tooth where is hurt. Well I couldnt quite understand everything, but before I knew it... now i have a new filling yay... My mouth still hurts and I cant eat beef jerky or it hurts, also the spot on the side of my tooth is still there.
- Can you thank President Alston for me for his letter from Christmas? It was the only letter i got during Zone conference when i thought i wouldnt get any so it cheered me up a bunch when everyone else was getting letters too.
- Mom one of the families said I can make lunch at their house, can you send me the recipe for the Spaghetti, I cant remember it completely.
- I remembered the song "Yo, my name is joe, and I work in a button factory" this week. I laughed a lot.
- Finally, I was talking to my companion about my family this week and _I told him about Matthew and how funny Matthew is and "This is my 'finkin' face" Oh boy I miss matthew so much.

Well thats it, I hope you aren't upset about the dentist or anything, tomorrow i go to the foot doctor! yay! I'll try harder to understand dont worry, I'm just sad that fillings are permanent and I might have this problem forever now : /
I love you all so much. The Church is so true! We need to strive to feel the Spirit in our lives every single day and ALWAYS be like Christ as much as we can. Don't forget to repent, it's essential, a blessing, and it allows us to return to Heavenly Father.
Love, Elder Branden Carl Astle

                                               Sometimes a mother just has to smile!!

                                          Elder Astle and the local ice cream vendor!

                                                      Elder Astle Cheetah head!?

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