Monday, February 18, 2013

February 18, 2012

Aye mum,
Ok I'm not changed yet, tomorrow! That's right I found out last night that I will being changing areas tomorrow and I will be getting a new companion. I'm super nervous and a little scared and just leaning on the Lord so much right now. I have heard a lot about the pueblos (villages) here in pueblo. They are crazy but also beautiful from what I hear. Pray for me!
So to respond to your letter mom, I'm doing really good, a little bummed because I never got to baptize Jose Luis and I have been teaching him since day 1 but I know that he will get baptized one day and we can be happy in heaven together. The investigators are just picking up so well lately right as I'm leaving haha. Raymundo's wife wants to get baptized now too, they love church and everything about it. Raymundo is still just doing everything he can to head towards baptism, he is soooo sure this is the truth, it's amazing. I loved reading all the stories you sent to me, especially about the class you taught, that is a SUPER good idea!!! It really really is, I'm very impressed. :) Also, thank you so much for the pictures, I was just showing off the cutest nieces in the WORLD to my companion and our temporary companion for the day Elder Handy (from Idaho). So I dont have a lot of time today and not a lot to write so I guess that works out.
- First could you tell Sis Hurley (not hurley anymore i know but i cant remember her new name) thank you for always being so great and encouraging me so much, and also could you tell the Denna family thank you for being so amazing and always such good examples to me and everyone, Brother Denna has always been such a great guy I'm very thankful for everything he taught me.
- Tell Brian: the other day we were going to knock on a door but it said to knock the window. Instead of doing that I drum tapped the window to be creative! They still weren't there haha
- I have been doing my morning expercises a lot lately and (also tell Brian to try to beat me) I did 105 solid pushups without stopping on thursday.
- We had interviews with President Reeves this week and I had the privelege of being the very very last missionary to be interviewed. The first thing he asked me was "how does it feel to be the very last interview?" I said "That you must be really tired" he laughed then said "ya I am" haha then he told me how it wont take away at all from the attention he will give me in the interview, then we had a really great interview and he helped me with a lot of things. He really is a man full of the Spirit.

I'm thankful for this opportunity to be a missionary. It's so so SO hard but I love it and I wouldnt trade it for anything to be able to serve the Lord with everything that I am. I love you all and I'm so thankful for all of you. Talk to you soon :)
Elder Branden Carl Astle

                                                Wow... the sixth month mark! Wait....
                                                  That was my favorite tie!! Not really.

Once again.....Where's Elder Astle?
There he is! 

                                 Elder Astle, An Investigator and Elder Knowlton

                                            Elder Astle said to think Nacho Libre while
                                                 looking at the next few photos!

                                              Yum.....these are Elitos...they are yummy!

I got you a surprise!!!

                                                        Get that corn outta my face!

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