Monday, March 4, 2013

What a long week it has been!

First of all I have to apologize for not posting Branden's letter last week. He thought that he might have surgery because they thought he broke his arm, thus his letter was rather short... I will however post it after this one.

Aye mum,
Guess what? My arm is pretty much all better! It just hurts a little bit every now and again and when I try to write things with a pen, unfortunately I'm not as strong anymore, i tried lifting a car with one hand the other day like normal, it didn't work. Oh well. Well this week has been tough, not a lot of work to tell you about because there hasn't been a lot of work happening, I'm sorry. We try our best and we try to get to our appointments on time but it seems like everyone forgets and isn't home or is in the middle of something. It's pretty tough but we are trying our best. It's pretty tough though. I love my new area, living on the side of an active volcano and learning a dialect called Nauatl is pretty great. I haven't gotten any packages for a while, we are out we far from the city so we don't get mail or anything very often at all. Mom I have to tell you that I'm very very proud of you for indexing. It makes me so happy to know you are serving and helping others with your time. I love you mom. I love everyone so much and miss everyone so much too. I cant believe Kimmy is having another girl, I'm SOOOOO excited!!! Like really excited haha. I don't have much to tell you though, i left my list of things at home. I do want you all to know that I know that the Church is true. I know Heavenly Father loves us more than we can imagine and wants to bless us so much and it makes Him so happy when He can bless us, so let's be obedient, as obedient as we can, so we make Heavenly Father happy and He can bless us. I love you all, I'm so excited and so thankful that we'll get to spend forever together. I love you all, remember your responsibilities to be like Christ and share the Gospel too. I love you all and pray for you all.
Talk to you in a bit,
Elder Branden Carl Astle

After a hard fall last week while playing soccer, Branden had to get an xray. Not broken!!
His email last week talked about possible surgery! It has been a long week waiting to hear!

                   Elder Astle sad because their appointment at the top of the hill didn't show,
                         but what a beautiful view of the town below.

                                   Should I be worried? No he is on the Lord's Errand!

                                                 He is more out in the country now!

                                     Cold in Mexico? I guess when the elevation is higher..

                                               Chilemoya....he said it tasted weird!

                                         He just called this one: PIE! He looks pretty happy!

                                            He calls this one TACOS!

                                                Elder Astle plays Joseph Smith in the Ward's
                                                 Relief Society Anniversary celebration!

Such a cute cast!
Another Volcano pix

                                                         Elder Astle made a friend!

                                   Elder Astle and another four legged friend!

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