Monday, March 18, 2013

Letter from March 18, 2013

Aye mum,
I love you. How are you? Oh wait I have to read your letters! Be right back... Ok I'm back, thank you for your letter mom, I really loved being filled in, I love my family so much! You're all so cool!!!!! I'm so proud of everyone, knowing that Bryer was baptized fills my heart, thank you. I'm so proud of Bryer, he's super cool I love having him as my nephew. Also thank you for the pictures, they were great, the picture of Kimmy and the girls is SO PRETTY! I dont have a lot of time today, I have PACKING to do! Here's what's happening: I got a call on friday morning... I'm training a new missionary, and I only have 7 months O.o and one more thing.... We'll be opening a new area where there aren't missionaries. I'm super nervous but also excited. Here's a letter I sent to President Reeves about it:

Presidente Reeves,
This week was good, really good. We worked hard and taught some really good lessons. We didn't teach a lot of lessons but the lessons that we did teach were heart felt, spirit guided, and to the investigators' needs. The last couple weeks have been hard for me as you know. This week when I was informed that I would be training at first I was confused. I thought how could a missionary like me, without baptisms, train another missionary. I gave one of the most "trusting in the Lord's will" prayers that I have ever given. I also asked for more confidence in myself and the Lord has answered that prayer and I feel much better and excited for what's to come. Thank you for the amazing training meeting we had President.
Love you and all my leaders,
Elder Branden Astle

So I wanted to tell you about a few things before I go.
I hurt my arm again today :( same one, i didnt fall i tried to shoot a basketball really hard and ya it hurts haha
I did rock chiseling for the first time this week, the guy, a member named perfecto, with us told us i was really good then I did welding and he said I was really good at that too. Everyone in our family is really artistic, i like to joke that I am too, maybe I could do sculpting to be part of the group and I'll do the next Michaelangelo's David.
Finally, something awesome happened this week. I learned to teach better, now I smile. It's a message of happiness and though I have tears in my eyes while I teach they might not understand that it's happiness unless I smile. I feel a lot better about my teaching now.

Thank you all for being so amazing and loving me and one another so much. Strive to fill your lives with love and pray to be filled with the love of Heavenly Father that He has for His children.
I love you all, talk to you soon
Elder Branden Carl Astle

                                               Elder Astle and his favorite Volcano!


                                                 Elder Astle and a couple of Elders

                 Mariachi Pedregal were performing at a wedding Elder Astle got to attend.
                             The entire Maraiachi band is in Elder Astle's ward!

La Familia Luna. The Elders were cleaning their fountain

Yes....this IS a lemon!

                                                A cool statue in the city of Cholula.

A beautiful sunrise in Nealtican..
          La Familia Luna gave these shoes to Elder Astle, he said he feels very blessed!

Elder Astle said this puppy fell asleep on his sweater, what was he supposed to do? ... leave his sweater.

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