Monday, March 18, 2013

Letter From March 11, 2013

Aye mum,
I love you. I love dad. I love all my brothers and sisters and everyone. I love Heavenly Father. My mission is really hard.
So you might have guessed, we went fishing today, for trout, and I did great and taught everyone how to fish, even though they had bamboo fishing rods haha. This week was really good and so hard too. I'm having a tough few days but I know it'll get better.
(I just found out that we are just about all out of time so I'm going to type through this quick)
Could you tell Bishop Latham that I love him and I think he's super great and I'm so thankful for the huge role he played in my life. He really is super great.
Also, if you could get in contact with Brandon Pilcher ask him if he remembers Elder Luna. There is a return missionary in my area named omar luna and he said he spent a lot of time with Elder Pilcher in Chile!!! Isnt that crazy????
The other day I was on divisions with elder Farnworth and while waiting at a door I looked down and saw a little puppy. It had a metal wire tied real tight around its neck so i bent down and whispered to the puppy in Spanish while I got the metal wire off. I felt really good after that.
Aaron! Get your mission papers in now!!! :P
Also I figured out the magic trick from Aaron's comment from last week haha but i talked to President about card tricks and he said it's probably better not to do them, so i wont be doing those anymore, i still have coin magic which he said is ok!
Finally, could you tell Robert McIntosh that I still laugh when I think about when we would call him Patrick? thanks
I love you all so much! I'm all out of time! Talk to you soon!
Elder Branden Carl Astle

                             Elder Astle's dream P-Day! Teaching other Elders how to fish!

                                     Elder Astle, Elder Morga and another Elder

                                                                  It was that big!!

The people even cooked them!

                                      So last Thursday Popocatepetl was a little grumpy!

Elder Astle liked this waterfall 
A picture of the Zone... and one ninja Elder! 
Elder Astle said he ate lunch with this guy and his machete was very sharp, he was a little nervous!

         These guys are called Judios, apparently if they ask you for money and you don't give them any, they will hug you. Notice their black greased up bodies.

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