Monday, March 4, 2013

Last Weeks Letter, Sorry

Aye mum,
Well first, i hurt my arm yesterday really bad playing soccer, it might be broken, the doctor said i might need surgery, I'm going to go get x rays in a couple hours, it hurts really bad, and even worse to type haha so this will be short. First, my new companion is Elder Herrera and we are in Zona Nealtican! our areas (we have 2) are Reforma (literally the smallest ward in mexico, maybe even the world) and Xaltepetl. Nealtican is called mini utah because there are so many members here. It's about the size of loomis and it's out away from the city like loomis, so i love it, but there are also something like 8 wards, 9 soon. We are still out in a pueblo though, that means little village, yay im living in a little mountain village just like Link! Also i live near a volcano just like link! haha It's pretty crazy though, when i told one of the guys here this morning that i hurt my arm he told me to go see the witch doctor... and he was serious, haha. This week is your birthday mom! Happy birthday!!!!!! I love you so much im so thankful to have the perfect mom as my mom :) Elder ramirez wants to know if you got his card yet too. Oh something funny that happened is that during sacrament meeting, a dog came strolling in and wandered around for a while then left haha, it happened a few times. There are a ton of stray dogs here. Ok I gotta run, and my arm is killing me super super bad. Love you so much! Talk to you in a bit,
Elder Branden Carl Astle


                                                       Elder Astle and old companion,
                                         Elder Knowlton and new companion Elder Hererra

                                              Branden in a local park

                                      Elder Astle and new companion Elder Herrera

                                   Elder Astle and the famous Jose Luis. Elder Astle will miss him!

                                           Elder Astle and his new area, Nealtican

                                            The roads are a little dustier in Nealtican...

                          Another view of Nealtican with Popo volcano in the background

                                Alright Elders!! Ice Cream with Oreos for BREAKFAST?!

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