Sunday, April 28, 2013

April 1, 2013

Not a real letter this week, he was very short on time, but he sent a lot of pictures!

                                               A special guest in Sacrament!

                                           We went cave hunting today....we found this one!

                                                       Standing inside the cave!

                      Elder Colmenares trying to make fire by rubbing sticks together!

                             Branden says Elder Colmenares is happy here because it worked!
                                 (notice the unburnt sticks he's holding...umhummm)

                                             Branden calls this one "Me and the Volcan"

                                    This one is "standing on the cliffside! (sorry pix didn't load well)

Branden calls this one, up in a whomping willow tree!

                                        Branden said the Pina Colada was very yummy!

Sunset in Mexico

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