Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Skype

Well I just wanted to drop a few notes here about our Mother's Day Skype and share a few pix from that. I just wish I could upload some videos here because Elder Astle played on the guitar and sang two songs that he had wrote. One was the "Bomb Mom Song" (say that five times fast!) it was hilarious! Then he sang and played another song he wrote called "He'll Lift You Up" a beautiful spiritual song. While I can't upload the video, in tomorrow's letter he includes the lyrics to each song. Unfortunately, you cannot truly appreciate them without hearing him sing them!

         As District leader Elder Astle still had to conduct business even on Mother's Day! It was so fun to listen to him speak Spanish...I couldn't believe my ears!

                                           Elder Astle and his companion Elder Bello!

         Elder Astle asked us if mustaches are popular in the states right now? Apparently
    kids will walk up to him and put there fingers under thier noses like he does in this pix!

                                      Elder Astle said that this was his favorite pix of all!

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