Saturday, May 4, 2013

April 29, 2013

Elder Astle did not really have time to write a letter last week, instead he did sent many pictures. I will post the pictures with his captions below. If you did not read last weeks letter you should so you can read about Javier's story. He is the gentlemen in the first picture.

                                   Javier was baptized. Elder Astle has never looked happier!

                                         Elder Astle helping Thomasa in to the font..

                              Elder Bellos, Thomasa's friend, Thomasa and Elder Astle

                                       Rigoberto was baptised! That's a happy Branden face!

           P-Day! Germain drove them to the mountain at 6:00 am so they could go hiking!

One of the elders had a hard time carrying his backpack so Elder Astle came to the rescue!

                                                                 Saddle Pass

                                               Sitting high up on the mountain!

            Branden said his hair looked really red, I wonder why? Maybe because it is red!

                                                                     On the mountain!

                                                               Lunch time Elders!!

                                       Branden said "Now that's a Cuban cemita...So Good!!

I don't know what Branden's face is doing in this pix, but he said "A Super Cool family, the family Castillo Castro". They are so cute!

                                There are many different modes of transportation there!

                                                                Lunch time...again!

                                   Yeap... Elder Astle's muscles are getting bigger! LOL


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