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September 16, 2013 EXTREME KITTEN RESCUE!

Aye mum, 
I love you and miss you so much, I'm so thankful forever to be your son.  Ok now that you're buttered up I'll let you know that I'm so out of time this week and won't be able to write much :(
From your letter from last week.  I still have the same adress.  My new companion is Elder Garcia from Peru but not from Lima or from Machu Pichu haha.  It sounds like Sami and her family are loaded, that's awesome.  You told me that when kim heard that sami's sister has 6 kids she was like "WHAT?" ... me too.  Free breakfast for me is not worth sleep :P but that's because i don't sleep at all anyway haha.  I loved the story about the police officer and the mormon stolen car lady.  Thank you for sharing my stories with others mom, I know if I was there I would say "LETS GOOOOOOO!" but I'm not so thank you for that, haha.  
From this week:
I taught english class on saturday alone! I mean to say that the other missionary that usually helps me teach wasn't there and I taught how to pray in english to a bunch of investigators,  There were like 10 people in the class which is actually a lot.  
The other day it was raining and while walking with my companion i heard a tiny meow and looked  down to see a little kitten crying and shivering.  I couldn't just leace it there.  So we walked around looking for people who would take it in.  We found a i}little family across the street from our apartment who took it in and took good care of it.  
We are teaching a young man named Elias.  He is so great and has had so many experiences that have prepared him to hear our message.  It has really strengthened my testimony that God prepares people and knows everything.  It helps me feel better when people don't want to listen to us I just think " well they just aren't prepared yet" I love Heavenly Father and trust Him so much.  I love being a missionary and doing this work.  It's so hard lately but so rewarding at the same time.  Nicole sent me pictures from before the mission and my hair was so nuts .... but i was also a lot better looking... dang....
I love you!
Elder Branden Carl Astle

Mexico Ties

Mariachi hat!

On the back of a truck.

The cat we rescued...


The Mask from the Dance with the Old Guys!

Me and my district, i was very far from the sisters sorry it looks like i was close

The Rock fountain..

Head in the fountain!

The View

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