Wednesday, July 2, 2014

September 9, 2013 Tehuacan!

Aye mum,
   I love you and I'm so thankful to be your son.  Thank you for always being one of my best friends.  I'm so thankful for and love and miss everyone from home.  This week was crazy!  Elder Garcia from a tiny little town like ours in Peru is my new comapnion and this week we opened up a new area! We had no idea how to get around or who the members were or anything, it was pretty fun actually.  I also am a map making master now!  We are in a ward called Observatorio in Tehuacan.  It's a pretty cool city area, luckily half of our area is kind of villagey so that's good.  
   Oh, to write back to your letter from last week.  You told me that you love me and then asked "did you know that?" Yes. You told me that Sadie is doing really well in school and that Uncle Branden would be proud, but I'm blessed just to be able to say that I'm her uncle.  When you told me what brother Johnson said about playing with fire, i felt a little scolded but that's good right?  I'm praying for Trmapus too, have you told him about doing temple work?  You told me how proud you are of Brian for being so good at painting and well everything that Brian does and I'm really proud of him too.  He's such a great example.  Later you told me about your stories with the little kids inviting you to their houses and stuff.  Little children truly are of the Kingdom of God.
Well that's actually about it for this week.  Sorry it's short but I'm on a time crunch because we couldn't find the computers in this new place haha.  I love you,
Elder Branden Carl Astle

Trying to look cool, even with Sister Reeves in the pix!

Old Companion Eller Vargas and new companion Elder Herrera

Getting lost on their first day opening up a new area!

Me with Hermano Raul, he's a super strong active member in our new
 little ward, he also can't see.

 Pretty easy to talk when he can't mawl me to death.  It doesn't look so 
big here but they are huge and sound AWESOME 

 Bears are big, this one stuck it's nose to the fence and i started rubbing it's fur and all of a sudden it reached it's paw at me really fast and really strongly to pull me in for a kiss and it scared me so bad haha

 At one point he charged at me... to hug me...

 In my last area i could go on the roof to study and would have a huge 360 degree with a snow covered volcano and beautiful green fields.  This is basically the same right?

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