Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Aye mum,
I love you. I love my family and my friedns and also my friends haha I didn't mean to do that. I love being a missionary. I also loving camping. D: haha just kidding I'm really happy that you all went, that makes me happy :). Well today I'm super short on time... again. I loved all the pictures you sent mom, seriously. That picture of Kimberly and Eloise standing by Gerle Creek is SO good, it's beautiful. Kimberly is amazing. Super amazing.
Thank you so much for the letter. Unfortunately my letter wont be as great. Haha. ... ha.
This week we went to the office of migration for my companion. Every time that I'm in there I always wonder how many of the other people there can speak English. Probably not many. OH! And when I was in the city for that I found the soap! the soap that I asked you to send me, they just started sending it here to mexico and guess what again! it's only 15 pesos!! that's less than a dollar and fifty sense. whoo!
We were going to have a baptism this last week! ... but... he never showed up. That's always a tough thing. Especially when yo have no way to talk to him to find out why. Finally Sunday he came to church and explained to us that he was in a political office and then a bunch of crazy people surrounded the building and they had to put it all on lockdown and couldn't leave till 10 at night. So we rescheduled for this week! :) yay!
Heavenly Father is perfect. I love Him with my whole heart. I feel myself growing and changing because of Him. I feel I will come home a very different person. I think I might be more quiet. I'm sorry if the parties are still a little more calm when I get home. Oh also, that picture of Brian's room........ HOLY TAMOLY. I thought he was good at art before... Now he's INCREDIBLE!! seriously though, by that I mean I don't believe him.. I think he went and bought a bunch of art from super famous amazing artists and then put it all in his room for that picture. Yep, that's probably what happened. I might be buying a new suit mom, my suit is tearing the legs :( I'm sorry.

I love you forever and time and ... uh huh forever :D
Elder Branden Carl Astle
                                                      Wakie, Wakie Elder Astle!


More Shrimp....yummy!

                                                      Elder Astle brought the juice!
My favorite pix, Elder Astle said that these kids are amazing!

                                                 LOL!! This guy, Elder Vargas, is so serious!

Moses, Elder Astle and Elder Vargas
Happy Elders!

                                                         P-day field trip time!

                                                   Elder Vargas and Elder Astle

                                                Elder Astle at the top of the waterfall!

                                              Elder Chavez and Elder Astle

Group Pix on Pday!

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