Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June 17, 2013

Aye mum,
I love you so much, you're the best mom, and dad's the best dad. Happy Father's Day Dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This week was really great! My new companion. .. . . . . .. .. ELDER VARGAS from the Dominican Republic! His accent is super thick, it sounds awesome but sometimes I can't understand what he says, haha. He is really fun and funny. Oh and guess what!! They changed the area so now we only have one tiny little ward! even smaller!! haha But I love it because it's one of the best wards in the world, next to Loomis 3rd! And we are stilling working hard and having success. Thank you for your email this week mom, it made me pretty happy to hear about Brian, I can't wait to see the video... in a long time haha. I can't wait to meet Sami to be honest, at first I thought it was kind of weird that Brian, my brother and one of my best friends, is getting married but I guess it kind of sunk in. That moose is lucky that it didnt come after Brian or it would have died... lucky moose. I'm so excited to go camping when I get home too, especially when in some number of years when all of us kids go camping with you and dad and our families too.
So this week we had a few miracles. I'll tell you about Jose Franco, he is definitely one of the Lord's prepared children. He loves the Gospel and every time he goes to church he likes it more. He is getting excited to be baptized this saturday too. And Javier!!!!! He moved into our ward finally and Guess what!!!!! He said he's bringing his kids here to Nealtican to live here and they want to hear about the Gospel too!!!!!!! Whooooooooooooooooooooooo! It makes me so excited to meet them because he is so great too.
A few things to share from this week:
- I found my new missionary scripture, 3 Nephi 5 :13 , I don't know if you can change the scripture I have in the church building?
- Elder Vargas Says hi
- The other night I had a crazy dream, but first I'll tell you that the next day Elder Vargas told me that in the middle of the night I was talking in my sleep really loud and I said "PADRE!! Tu sabes que amamos tu evangelio!!" (Father, thou knowest that we love your gospel) hahaha but in the dream I was in a house surrounded by water and a bear was let in, it chased me in the house and I jumped onto a ledge where it couldnt get me and it sat and looked at me and I looked at it and it began to tell me that there were some really important things that I needed to do and change, but the next morning I couldnt remember what it said!! :(
- Saturday night there was a really big earthquake that shook our whole house and everything in it and it woke us up because it was shaking our beds so much. It was awesome.
. Happy Birthday Brian!!!!!! I know it's early but HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY yaaaaaa.... ya :D

I love you mom, I gotta run but thank you for everything! I'll talk to you soon,
Elder Branden Carl Astle

                                              Elder Leifson's Happy Birthday!

 It's custom in Nealtican for the birthday person to take a big bite out of their birthday cake!

                          Elder Astle got "Frostinged" by his new companion Elder Vargas
Elder Bellos, Elder Maelerts, Elder Astle and his new companion Elder Vargas.

Popo looking a little angry and active!

                                                        Elder Astle finds a goose!

                                                   Attack of the coyote.....uh...head?


                                                  Elder Vargas and the Coyote head.

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