Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June 3, 2013

Aye mum,
I love you so much. I miss you too. I love dad. I miss dad too. I love my brothers and miss them. I miss my sisters and love them. I love and miss my nieces and nephews and all my family and my friends. I love being a missionary too. To be honest this week was tough, I might have talked about it in the last letter but sometimes I get sad that the mission will eventually end. There is nothing like being completely dedicated to Heavenly Father and helping His children come unto Him and Christ. There's hard parts. There's sad parts. There's so many happy parts. I can't hold back the tears when I think of how many happy parts there are. I'm so blessed, and I will give praise to my Father forever. I have something really special to tell you this week but I'll respond to your letter first mom.
I miss the girls so much, I'm glad I'm going to have another one growing up when I get home too. I can't wait to meet Eloise again, if you know what I mean. Thank you for telling me about the testimonies mom, especially about Whitney, she is amazing. I didn't know Courtney was getting married!!! I also know that Dad and Aaron are angels. I really really REALLY want to know how they are hiding their wings. I like that idea of going to yellowjacket, I have so many good memories from there. The picture of Bobby and Ross and Jeremy was great, Bobby looks the best out of the three of them haha don't tell them I said that! :P I CAN believe that Brian paints so fast, he's a genius remember? Also, the hurricane came in a little bit and we went out and worked and I put on that super giant jacket for the first time! It's big enough to cover me and my backpack so it will be perfect for raining days! Because I don't like using para aguas i don't remember how you say that in english. No wait it's umbrella!
Ok so this week was really good. I can't believe my little new missionary son is getting ready to finish his training, I can't say it was east but I learned a lot too. This week I pretended to be a new missionary to help Elder Bello see what he should improve on and it went great. We also had a leadership training meeting and a big part was Presidente Lopez talking about being positive and how, no matter what, we cant let bad or negative thoughts into our minds. I was afraid of maybe ending up being prideful but as I began applying the principles I just feel happy and positive about the future and I know more and more that Heavenly Father loves me.
Some points
- The members feed us so much here, it's ridiculous, we will leave our lunch appointment stuffed and go and teach and always before we leave the people will offer us food, fresh mangos every day isn't so bad though haha 
- The Hermana Justa is incredible. A few months ago she was going through cancer therapy. She was so sad and was in pain a lot and wasn't allowed to go outside except to go to the doctor. We went and visited her for the first time a few months ago and before we left she asked for a blessing. I gave her a blessing. I said that everything would pass and she would be happy. That was three months ago. Yesterday she came to church with her bandana on and her hair, about 2 or 3 inches long, poking out the sides. She said she wanted to come to church to much, her doctor gave her permission to leave again, she actually said her first question was if she could go to the temple. She's amazing. She was afraid the sisters in the ward might start saying things about her and she would feel bad. Friday and Saturday we went around we a bunch of the sisters in the ward and had them go and invite her to come to church. Fast and testimony meeting was great as the sisters bore their testimonies about how the hermana Justa is such a good example of faith. Seeing the tears on her face filled my heart. I feel happy mom. I love being a missionary.
I love you mom,
Talk to you soon,
Elder Branden Carl Astle
                       Apparently these Elders saw a couple of other Elders posing for a funny pix,
                        well it made them laugh!

         Elder Astle's first companion, Elder Ramirez' two years have ended and he is    heading home..Elder Astle's former companion, Elder Knowlton peeking from behind.

                      Elder Astle finds a heart shaped rock in Nealtican for his mama!

                     So Elder Astle and his companion were apparently adopted by a dog that
                            they have named "The Problem"

           The Problem follows them to appointments and even waited outside their apartment
                          throughout the night during a storm.

                                               Yes, he even followed them to church!

                                          The next week...guess who snuck into church....

                                           A Hurricane came pretty close to Nealtican.

                                                          Yes, just some rain....

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