Monday, August 26, 2013

HAPEE BERTHDAR AREM! (Aaron) ... now shave that beard! No, not like that! (Aaron will get it)

Branden Astle
Jul 29
to me
Aaron, that was a reference to the t shirt that showed a guy with a unibrow and someone says shave that unibrow! And he shaves the sides and they say no not like that!!! Haha that still makes me laugh. So don't shave your heard and leave the beard haha oh and put your mission papers in! whoo! I always tell people I have a little brother leaving on the mission soon and I want to tell them where. I also don't want to have to wait too long to see you again man. :/
Love you, Elder Astle

Aye mum,
I love you! A lot! I love everyone from home so much. I love everyone here too. I love being a missionary. Even when it's hard. I'm also happy because I won first place in a hill race this morning, haha. But it cost me a little bit of blood. I wrote more in the letter I wrote to Nicole today, ask her what happened when she gets the letter in about 2 months. This week was good and tough and stuff. It's hard when my ward is as long as Old Orchard Lane, only with more people packed in. I love it though and I'm not complaining, it's just even more of a chance to prove how great God is and how much He is working with us. I wanted to write about your letter from last week real quick. You talked about Aaron's patriarchal blessing and how amazing it was and everything, but mom I have been telling you all for some time now that Aaron is going to be a prophet so it doesn't surprise me too much that is was so amazing. Aaron is one of the best people I know. Brother Reed is also one of the best examples we have in the ward. He has so much patience it's incredible and he loves being young. You also talked about Lila and I saw the picture of everything. Thank you for sending me pictures, she looks ridiculous.. ... ... *breath* ... cute! I can't believe she will already be more than a year old when I get home! What day was she born on? her birthday? (that's what it's called right?) Her name is super cool too. All the girls' names are so cool! My kids are going to have better names though... Optimus Prime, Hulk, Iamlegend, all the coolest names. Oh mom you also look really good! Seriously you have lost a lot of weight, I'm so proud of you! Dad looks like he has too! In the picture where he is holding Lila and has the visitor's patch on he looks skinnier, and also a ton like Granpa! But it's good because he's still really handsome. ;)

This week in our district meeting I made up and example to teach the Sacrament. I filled a glass cup with water and then put in a bunch of Mio to make it look contaminated. I started pouring in pure water and explained to them as we put in more and more pure water the contamination is kicked out and falls out. The pure remains. In the sacrament we are putting the body and blood of Christ in us and among many other effects we are cleansed and the impurities are cast out. It's so important that we don't miss taking the Sacrament EVERY week. I love taking the Sacrament.

I'll write back to your letter from this week next week k?
Well to wrap it up I'll send a list of things:
- I'll admit it.... The picture of Sammi and Brian is pretty cool.
- Look up Acts 18:3 and look at the last footnote (aaron will get it)
- 2 New elders got added to my district so now there's 8 elders!!
- I ate Mole the other day that tasted like a campfire... campfire tastes delicious.


I love you mom, I'll talk to you soon, I'm so grateful to be your son
Elder Branden Carl Astle


                                               A heart shaped Walnut!

Do you see that house we are going to visit?  Either do I!

Lost in the corn field....again! 

Family Home Evening!! (I have no idea what they're doing?)

I don't know what was more scary, the spider or the electrical job with the tape!
Sunset...Nealtican Style!


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