Saturday, October 13, 2012

I think The Birthday Treats are Getting to Him!

1. my bomb new tie!
2. Me with 2 new Elders
So there's a tale started long ago about the creature named the P-Day Goblin. Every night of P-day Eve the missionaries who are good and diligent and who remember leave their socks outside their bedroom door.  In the morning they receive wonderful and tasty treats surrounding their socks for their offerings to the P-Day Goblin!  (the p day goblin doesnt actually take anything from them)  It's a P-day miracle! ... So one of the districts older than us was serving as the P day goblin while they were here and once they left there was an absence of P day goblin.  One night i decided to not let the legend die with them and Elder Allred and I decided to keep the p day Goblin alive.  The 2 Elders from picture two are the new elders we chose to be the new p day goblin! whoo!

3. My stash of goodies, i'm pretty sure i have more than anyone, some were used for p day goblin purposes, but i'm eating all of Nicole's because she told me too :P (could you tell her that? :) )

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