Saturday, October 13, 2012

General Conference and One More Letter before He Leaves

Aye Mum,
General Conference was way good was it not???  We watch every session and take notes and everything which made it even more rewarding.  Our district takes our page for notes and puts a line down the middle of it.  We write what the speaker said on the left side and what the Spirit tells us on the right side, it really makes it even better.  I loved all of conference, great talks, revelation, and having all my questions answered.  President Uchtdorf gave a talk in priesthood session that actually answered all of my questions at once, but the other talks answered them too.  On Sunday night we had Chad Lewis, who played for the Eagle's, come and talk at the fireside.  It was really good and really motivational for everyone.  He spoke about a trip he went on, which was famous football players who work with wounded warriors, and they went and hiked mount Kilamanjaro.  3 of the 4 wounded warriors had only 1 leg and a prosthetic.  It was really amazing.  I also want to tell dad we really need to start getting ready and getting in shape because when I get back I want to go climb that with him!  I would love it if everyone could go in fact! Afterward there were only a few people who got picked out of the audience to meet Brother Lewis and our zone leaders, elder hauser and elder hansen, were part of that group.  So after they told everyone that they could leave and those people could go meet Brother Lewis, i honestly thought "oh they probably don't have a camera and I do! I should give it to them and they can get a picture with him" so i went back to the back area and motioned at them with my camera to come and get it.  They came and got me and told me to take the picture for them and then right after that they said "someone else can do it so you get in the picture with us" so i got a picture with him you can see. :) On Tuesday guess who came to talk to the MTC... Elder David A. Bednar! whoo! Also i wore that blue and grey tie that you sent me where its looks kind of fuzzy i guess (Elder hauser and i said it reminds us of the Water temple front Zelda Ocarina of Time) so i was looking good! and even better... we sat in the third row from the front, we were basically 15 feet from him.  I remember before he came in i felt this really heavy spiritual feeling and i leaned over to one of the really new elders and said "do you feel that? an apostle just entered the building" and a couple minutes later he came in.  He spoke on how to do studying it was really good and really spiritual of course.  Unfortunately, no one got to meet him haha.  So i love getting all your letters so much I REALLY REALLY do.  I will send you my new address in Mexico right when I find out and i have the chance.  I'm super proud of Aaron for doing choir, I know he's the best, no doubt in my mind.  Im super happy to hear about Brian doing well at teaching, but wait a second... Brian's good at everything!!! haha I am so relieved to hear about Bobby doing better, I have really prayed hard for him and everything, but I loved your letter about how all those trials were a blessing in disguise.  I shared it with the district and they all really liked it, thank you mom.  I sent Bobby a birthday card but he probably got it late if he has gotten it yet.  And don't worry mom i'll just sign my thing and send it back to you, you can vote for me. :) Yesterday we had in field orientation where we went through a bunch of workshops and practiced things like meeting people in the airport and using members and setting goals and things and it lasted all day.  My favorite part was that i got a nap in ;) but don't worry they recommended naps during breaks! haha I'm real excited and real scared at the same time for the field.  I'm real excited and scared for the airport to be honest! One of the biggest things I have learned in the MTC is being sincere and honest in prayer and praying with all my might.  I need so much help and so much strength and so many things that only Heavenly Father can help me with.  I pray for everyone individually, I'm so thankful for all of my family and friends and all my amazing examples.  I love you all!  I miss everyone a bunch too and i pray for your safety and blessings for you every night too.  Every night in the MTC that I can remember I have cried in my prayers, i'm such a baby, but it's only because i love you all so much.  So I leave Monday monring! So excited but so nervous.  Wish me luck, pictures coming after.
Love you forever, i'm excited to prove it forever,
Elder Branden Carl Astle

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