Friday, October 5, 2012

ACTUALLY, this was Elder Astle's very first letter!

Aug 18

Mom. stop.
its great here. stop.
i dont know if you know this. stop.
But this is how they talk in morris code. stop.
Ask brian. Stop.

This is my mailing adress for the MTC

Elder Branden Carl Astle
MTC Mailbox # 256
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604-1793

I'm excited to get your letters, when we first got mail me and my companion were the only ones not to get anything while one of the elders in our district got like three letters.  My companion is Elder Kitchen from American Fork Utah, Kitchen in Spanish is Cocina so sometimes we call him Elder Cocina and i have gotten the nickname Elder Loomis by one of the elders in our district from SoCal.  I sent you a letter but that will probably take some time to get there.  As far as the work it's intense and way super hard and way harder than i imagined. Yesterday on our third day we had to teach a real lesson to an investigator completely in Spanish, and she didn't understand any English.  So ya that was hard.  could you tell Nicole that once i'm in the field she can send me Emails to this email but i will have to send letters back, or she can use dear elder while im in the field and pay a little bit of money, tough decision right? haha Anyway i'm just about out of time our laundry is about to be done.  Thank you for the cinnamon rolls and candy all the other elders love them! Unfortunately I'm always extremely stuffed with salad and fruit from dinner and lunch so i haven't eaten any except a piece of candy.  Love you all so much, it's great feeling the spirit all the time.  Oh by the way I'm also the senior companion right now so that's fun!
Elder Astle

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