Friday, October 5, 2012

Elder Astle's Sixth Letter

Aye Mum,
So this week was pretty tough to be honest but it was also great!  The low times were when I was feeling like maybe I can't learn the language fast enough or well enough because I was really struggling while trying to teach our investigators and also when I was kind of getting picked on by some other missionaries, but it's all good now, I only let it get me down because it was a combination of already feeling down plus those kinds of things.  So I kind of am bummed because I keep forgetting to bring my journal to the computers to type emails.  I was hoping to bring it because it's hard to remember everything that has happened in the last week because the days all kind of blend together at this point.  The saying is true: The days feel like weeks but the weeks feel like days.  I can't believe next wednesday i will only have 23 months left :P It really doesn't feel like i have been here very long at all, except when I think of family and my friend sso that's tough but I pray for everyone every night.  I know everyone must be livin' it up havin a blast without me there haha.  It's really nice here though!  Although when we are in the MTC it kind of feels confined and like a *cough* prison *cough* but we will be walking around the MTC campus and we'll see the mountains that are right by it and admire the nature and i'll usually stop us to just stop and look at the clouds for a bit.  Luckily both elder Kitchen and myself love nature so neither of us are bothered by wanting to stop and look.  The best times are during gym time when we decide we want to go to the yard.  The yard is just across the street and is infront of the Provo Temple, it's really cool because we'll go on runs around the yard or we'll throw a frisbee and i think we are planning on playing soccer tomorrow.  The best part about the yard is that the sky just feels enormous because of how crammed the MTC is.  There are just clouds all over the place and we can see way in the distance and in every direction there's mountains with brilliant colors and landscapes I dunno it's just great to get out of the *cough* prison *cough* I think i'm getting a cold ;) haha (...I'm not really, Mom).  BTW when you dearelder the other elders here (PS elder stephens left for Peru already so you can't dear elder him) if you want you could just leave out who it's from or you can include, it's up to you i suppose.  Sorry sometimes my thought patterns are in Spanish so they no make sense.  The Spanish is coming slowly but surely, I feel like I'm doing okay and I think everyone in my district is getting it pretty well too, Elder Kitchen is really doing great and he is learning really fast which is awesome, I try to give him lots more opportunities to show his Spanish in lessons and stuff, I'm such a good senior companion :P haha im keeding.  So in the last week a lot happened! I just can't remember all of it haha. Every Sunday we get to go on Temple walks where we just go hang out around the Temple for like an hour to an hour and a half, OR we do choir practice for the choir performances at the Tuesday Devotional.  In the last Temple walk our whole district walked over together and for the last like 45 minutes I was laying on the grass looking at the clouds and then i just slept on the grass in the shade of a tree.  On tuesday we had a devotional from a member of the 70 named Elder Kopischke. His wife spoke before him and she was hilarious! she had a super thick german accent and she was SO enthusiastic about everything.  His talk was good too haha.  Throughout the week we taught more lessons in Spanish and I feel like we are just now starting to get the hang a little bit of teaching in Spanish.  Unfortunately my time is about up.  Questions: Did Aaron get my letter? Tell him to dearelder me por favor? How's your shoulder mum? How is Jessica and Trampus and the boys? How's Bobby now and how's matthew? How's Kimmy and Scott and the girls? I miss everyone so much, I get super emotional when I think about the girls, I miss em and I just hope they'll remember me when I come home.  How's quitting the soda going? haha You can do it! What are you guys doing for fun? You should be going out having adventures and things! It's important! haha Oh and mom could you forward my emails to everyone in the fam bam and friends? kgraciasbye!
Love you all so much!
Elder Branden Carl Astle

PS I learned how to solve a rubik's cube yesterday in like 20 minutes and now I can solve it in under 4 minutes already, it's so easy once you know how haha let Brian know I'm going to be gettin the world record soon! ;)
So the first picture is pretty dumb lol but there is a big sculpture of two missionaries riding their bikes here and their faces look kind of mean when you get close so i pretended like a was running away haha I know it's dumb haha.
The second is our first zone leaders who left at the beginning of this week they were really great, elder watson on the left was yoked out of his mind and elder hunsaker on the right was hilarious and really really good at basketball and the elder coolguy in the middle was a combination of the both of them :D
The third is a picture of our classroom!
the fourth one is a cool picture of elder kitchen on left and elder hansen on right
the fifth is elder hauser studying
6 - elder stephens the day before he left for peru.
7 is brother clifford our first and best spanish teacher in the world and sister runyan who was our first investigator and then our teacher for a bit then our sub... kind of

Elder Astle escaping the scary Elder statues!

Elders Watson, Astle and Hunsaker

Elders Kitchen and Hansen

Elders Astle and Stephens

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