Monday, October 29, 2012

Letter and Pictures From Mexico, Week Two

Hi Mum,

So this week was pretty tough, i went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders, Elder Ramirez is our district leader, i dont remember if i said that.  The exchanges were pretty fun, Elder Gonzalez is from Utah and it was pretty nice speaking in English for a day and a morning.  We did a lot of work, including talking to a man named Victor for the first lesson.  It was crazy because we showed him the picture of Christ when he appeared to the people in the Americas, the one that's in the Books of Mormon, it turned out he had the big version of that picture in his house already! He said it only made sense that Christ would visit the people in America too.  The rest of the week consisted of a lot of work.  A lot of finding new people, trying to talk to every person we could and inviting them to church and stuff and SO much praying.  The last day of the week our prayers were answered and the Lord provided, we found a little family who live in very very humble conditions.  Angelica and Rodrigo are a couple planning on getting married soon and also Angelica's sister Daniela was there.  The family is great and Angelica gets a lotof her faith from the scriptures.  We taught the Plan of Salvation to them and we'll teach the restoration this next time and give them a Book of Mormon, we are very excited.  And Thursday we got money from a sister for lunch because she didnt have time to have lunch with us so we ordered Domino's .... It was amazing i could have eaten 3 pizzas alone.  The food is really good here, but straight up pizza is straight up pizza.  5 minutes left! :( So i love all your letters mom i really do, and anyone else in the family can email me too if they want, that'd be real great. :) I want to hear everything and keep me updated, the story about Sadie really lifted me up today and also Aaron singing too, i can just picture him now on this big stage belting bass opera music haha ok no i cant, Aaron's too cool for that.  I love you all so much, I hope you know that.  I miss you all so much, family and everyone and stuff too, it hurts sometimes right in this one spot just a bit to the left from the centerof my chest.  I love the work though, I'm trying to get lost in it haha.
Love forever,
Elder Branden Carl Astle
                                                   Elder Astle and A Catholic Cathedral
                                                         Another view.....
                                                                more inside.....
                                                           More Inside....
                                                          A Doodle by Elder Astle

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