Friday, October 5, 2012

Hi mum,
So Nicole sent me a dearelder and told me that i would get a letter today which i wanted to write her back about, but i didnt get it, could you tell her that? also could you tell her that i did write a letter to her today but it wont be a response to her letter :(
Also could you tell Dad that i love him and i miss him and i really wish we would have gone fishing so much more before i left.  A temple worker was talking about fishing today and i realized how much i miss fishing with dad.
We did Initiatories today and it was really good, last week i got to do sealings!!! it was really fun and amazing and i was smiling pretty much the entire time we were going through it.
Anyway my p day ends at 6 and i cant write anymore after that and i have to get through some things
Also could you text Bishop or the next time you see him could you tell him that i love him and that he has always been a great example to me.  thank you all so much for the shirt you sent I took a picture of me wearing it, its definitely one of my favorite shirts! it means so much to me.

               the original PMG and the new mini one that just came out a couple weeks ago that we bought.

                                              our class last night, can you find Elder Astle?

another one, me being a dumby because i'm so very unphotogetic. (no idea how to spell that)

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