Saturday, October 13, 2012

Elder Astle Continues On His Journey

Elder Astle will be leaving the MTC for Puebla, Mexico on Monday, October 15th, which just happens to be his Dad's birthday!! What a great birthday present. I hope all of you are enjoying this blog as we keep up on the latest of Elder Astle's adventures.. I will post his address when he lets me know it. What I have now from the Mission Call is the Mission home address:

Elder Branden Carl Astle
Mexico Puebla South Mission
Puebla, Puebla

If you would like to write him you can send letters to that address, it takes about two weeks to get there. Also is a great way to write him, some of the information you will need:

Elder Branden Carl Astle
Mexico Puebla South Mission

The deadline to write him is Sunday nights at midnight. dearelder will print off your letter and send them out in a pouch to the mission home, they send out every Monday.

You may also email him at, however he will not be able to email you back, only letters. He said he loves getting the dearelders and letters because he can take a moment to read them before he gets on the computer on his pdays, then he can answer any questions in his email to his family, and I will forward them to you.

I am so excited for the journey he is on! We can feel the Lord's blessings increase in our lives as we pray for Elder Astle each and every day.. what a blessing..

                                   I wonder if he will meet any new species of bugs in Mexico??

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